Foresight Group is a strategically diverse family-owned business building a legacy for the future.

The Foresight Group was founded on September 4 1984, as our founder realised his ambition of creating his own business. From those simple but ambitious beginning the company has grown into the multi-billion dollar global conglomerate that it is today. Every bit of Foresight Group International Limited has been built from scratch, first by our founder and then with the help of the leadership team that works with his guidance. What started as a shipping company has, over the decades, made strategic diversification moves that have seen the organization morph into a global business conglomerate. 

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of international track record of excellence
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million LTI free man hours
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5 offshore rigs; 1 onshore rig; 3 Gas & Crude Tankers
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Developing world’s first CNG Terminal

Our Purpose

“Foresight Group should celebrate its centenary in 2084 with good financial health, excellent reputation, and a minimum turnover of USD 50 billion. Above all, the business should be totally relevant to society.”

Dr Ravi K Mehrotra, CBE

Founder & Executive Chairman

Global Presence

Foresight Group is an international business with a global headquarters in Singapore.







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