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Laying The Foundations

The maritime shipping services business is at the heart of the diversified Foresight Group. It’s not only the first business set up by the Group in 1984, but also the realization of our Founder’s dream.

In September 2020, the board approved an aggressive expansion plan to own and operate a fleet of 15 tankers by 2025

Staying Steady In A Storm

Foresight Shipping Limited, erstwhile Amer Shipping Limited, earned a reputation for trust, reliability and efficiency while operating crude oil shuttle services in the turbulent Gulf region, during the Gulf War in the late 1980s.

Building A Fleet

Till 2008, shipping was the flagship division of the group and had a fleet of over 24 ships across reefers, container ships and tankers. Showing exemplary business acumen, the division sold a majority of its fleet just before the 2008 financial crisis.

From one bulk carrier and two newly-built reefer vessels in 1989, the company, over the last three decades, has owned and operated multi-purpose vessels, reefers, container ships, a cruise liner, Aframax, VLGC and VLCC tankers.

Charting New Paths

In September 2020, the Board gave a strategic direction to build a shipping fleet of LPG carriers focused on the growing demand of LPG in the energy mix of India. Thus, from 2021, the Shipping division is focused on adding six VLGCs by 2025. The first VLGC Surya Veerya was bought in 2021 and we expect two VLGCs to be added in 2022 in line with the strategic objectives of the board.

Our Fleet

Surya Veerya
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MT Bareilly
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