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Safety Foremost

Foresight Group is committed to providing a safe, healthy and injury-free work environment. Implementation of health and safety measures takes precedence over economic considerations.

While we have made great strides in achieving 99% uptime and recordable incident rate of 0.2, our aim is to achieve highest level of Safety, Compliance and Consistency while protecting the people and environment. For this to become a reality, our team is rallying behind a common motto of achieving TARGET ZERO – Zero Hurt, Zero Spills and Zero Deviations.

Zero Hurt

Under our Mission to achieve Target Zero, we place special importance on the safety of our people and we plan to achieve Zero Hurt with impeccable safety practices at our Rigs and Offices. We consistently endeavor to comply and exceed the existing regulatory safety and health requirements.

Zero Spills

We believe that sustainable living equals to responsible living and thus we are continuously working on reducing any uncontrolled spills and emissions from our installations. We follow a sustainable development policy that involves environment risk analysis and identifying opportunities towards achieving our target of Zero Spills and reduced impacts on landfills and water.

Zero Deviations

Policies and Procedures form the basis for consistency in our performance. We aim to achieve Zero deviation from policies and procedures to ensure repeatable and predictive performance. Right from Corporate Governance Policy to safety procedures, we have a robust structure in place.

While safety is everyone’s prime responsibility, senior leaders are expected to demonstrate visible commitment to it through their behaviour. In line with our commitment to Safety, we:

Recognise safety and health as an integral part of our operations.

We consider these in every decision we make and in every activity we perform. Comply and endeavour to exceed applicable regulatory safety and health requirements and set the highest standards.

Impart appropriate training and develop skills

We do this by engaging employees to help them work in a safe manner.

Assess risks and provide controls for safety

We assess risks and provide controls for safety as well as health hazards in our operations and activities. Use audits to check compliance.

Promptly report incidents and learn from them

We promptly report incidents, identify root causes and ensure lessons learnt are shared and deployed across the group.

Safety and health metrics to improve performance

We set safety and health metrics as indicators of excellence, monitor progress and continually improve performance.

Aspire to become a benchmark in safety

Aspire to become world leaders and be a benchmark in safety and health performance in our respective business sectors (the key is in internalisation of safety and engagement with our employees).

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