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The Beginnings

Foresight Offshore Drilling Ltd, S A, based at Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a flagship division of Foresight Group Holdings Pte Ltd, a global conglomerate established in 1984 and led by its Founder & Executive Chairman, Dr Ravi K Mehrotra CBE.

The flagship division has over three decades of experience in operating jack-up rigs on various drilling contracts, including turnkey well exploration projects.

Conquering New Frontiers

In 2012, the Foresight Group committed $600 million to build three new Letourneau super 116E jack-up rigs. Today, all three have been delivered and are successfully operating on contracts. The division today has a fleet of 5 jack-up rigs and one land rig, with an ambitious plan to expand the fleet to 12 offshore rigs by 2025.

Expertise, extended

In addition to the drilling services, Foresight Offshore Drilling also offers services like technical management, project management, training and crew building. It has an impeccable service record of providing 15 million man-hours without any Lost Time Injury.

The division’s global operations are headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with a network of representative offices spread across India, UAE, Oman, Qatar. The division is also in the process of setting up business development offices in West Africa and Mexico.

Our Rigs

Foresight Driller IX
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Vivekanand 1
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Vivekanand 2
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Vivekanand 3
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Aryabhatt 1
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