Foresight Group International Limited

shipping industry

Foresight Shipping Limited (erstwhile Amer Shipping Limited) operates crude tankers and has strategic focus to build a fleet of 10+ Crude & Gas carriers by 2022

offshore industry

Foresight Offshore Drilling has a fleet of six jack-up rigs, with three modern cyber rigs operating for global oil majors.

biggest shoe company in the world

GTFC is India’s largest and fastest-growing footwear component and materials manufacturer and supplier, serving leading footwear exporters of India.

pavers england

The Pavers England brand focuses on India’s dynamic retail sector, offering premium footwear and related accessories to a growing market.

About us

Foresight Group is a strategically diverse family-owned business building a legacy for the future. The Foresight Group was founded on September 4 1984, as our founder realised his ambition of creating his own business. From those simple but ambitious
beginning the company has grown into the multi-billion dollar global conglomerate that it is today. Every bit of Foresight Group International Limited has been built from scratch, first by our founder and then with the help of
the leadership team that works with his guidance. What started as a shipping company has, over the decades, made strategic diversification moves that have seen the organization morph into a global business conglomerate. The earliest
expansion into a new business line came through Dr Mehrotra’s exposure to oil trading, which built his energy industry expertise and lead to the company buying its first jack-up rig in 1989. Foresight Group International continues
to explore new opportunities in diverse sectors to hunt out sunrise business opportunities that will be able to sustain future growth and development.

Global presence

Foresight Group is an international business with a global headquarters in Mauritius.

largest natural gas company

Future Innovations and Forward Thinking.

Dr Mehrotra has always had his eyes on the future and carefully considered the legacy that he would leave. This viewpoint has been built into the very culture of our Foresight Group as our founder has driven us to consider how the company will look and perform far into the future.

As we look ahead to our centenary celebrations in 2084 we must ask ourselves what impact we are having, how we are affecting the communities where we work and the society of which we are a part?

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