Retail Brands in India

Building a BRAND focused on dynamic Indian consumers since 2008

As part of our strategy of investing in businesses that offer a global growth opportunity, Foresight Group has developed its branded retail capabilities, diversifying into premium shoes and accessories.

These efforts centre around a 2008 joint venture with UK's leading footwear retailer Pavers Limited, a fast growing family business established since 1971 in York, UK.

Through Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures (PFSV), Foresight Group developed an opportunity to focus on India’s dynamic growth in retail, focusing on premium footwear and related accessories. The result is Pavers England – India’s biggest retail company, first launched in India in 2008, a brand backed by two organizations with shared values and a strong desire to deliver excellent performance.

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Pitched to the market as a dynamic brand, Pavers England – one of the leading retail brands in India, strives to provide stylish and comfortable footwear and accessories in growth markets. The business operates 45 retail outlets across India, where it combines its rich British heritage with the opportunities presented by rapidly growing market potential. The brand achieved a landmark first when in 2012 it secured India’s first single-brand foreign direct investment approval.

From this strong base in India, Pavers England – largest retail chain in India, as a brand is poised to continue its journey focused on the dynamic growth opportunity in India's massive consumer market powered by it's 1.3bn population and emerging middle class. Backed by a $60 million pledge from Pavers Foresight the business is expected to emerge as India's leading premium footwear brand and retailer by 2030.



Pavers England Limited, No 2/1, Subbarayan Street,
Nungambakkam, Chennai- 600034, India.

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