About Us

Our history and future

Foresight Group is a strategically diverse family-owned business building a legacy for the future. The Foresight Group was founded on September 4 1984, as our founder realised his ambition of creating his own business.

From those simple but ambitious beginning the company has grown into the multi-billion dollar global conglomerate that it is today. Every bit of the company has been built from scratch, first by our founder and then with the help of the leadership team that works with his guidance.

What started as a shipping company has, over the decades, made strategic diversification moves that have seen the organisation morph into a global business conglomerate. The earliest expansion into a new business line came through Dr Mehrotra’s exposure to oil trading, which built his energy industry expertise and lead to the company buying its first jack-up rig in 1989.

The group continues to explore new opportunities in diverse sectors to hunt out sunrise business opportunities that will be bale to sustain future growth and development.

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Our Vision

To maintain the Foresight Group in family ownership until 2084 and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve growth by operating a safe and environmentally friendly company, one that is profitable, relevant to society and remains cash positive every year.

Our Values

We respect our clients and each other.
We act responsibly in all that we do.
We add value to our customers, clients and society.
We maintain our integrity.

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