Our roads and ports are becoming increasingly busy as the global population grows and most of the people live in cities. A range of vehicles and fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), will be needed to meet the increasing demand for transport as the world seeks to tackle emissions. Foresight Ports & Gas Infrastructure believes that natural gas could form a bigger part of the transport energy mix as a lower-carbon fuel, alongside developments in vehicle efficiency, biofuels, hydrogen and electric mobility. Demand for natural gas transportation has been expanding in step with worldwide economic growth. Nowadays, energy resources and trade have diversified. And yet demand is increasing steadily and continues to fuel the world’s energy market, as well as natural gas.

Foresight Ports & Gas Infrastructure – largest natural gas company, develops its energy transport business on a worldwide scale, backed by the world’s largest fleet, a track record of success, and decades of know-how. Being a leading natural gas transportation company, we focus on enhancing the quality of its fleet and providing the most up-to-date solutions in energy transport sectors including LNG, which require advanced technological capabilities. We play an essential role in developing smart ports and natural gas solutions with a stable liquid natural gas ship equipped with comprehensive safety system. India’s energy sector is poised for accelerated growth and is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive global energy markets as the country is striving to become a middle-industrialized country.



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