Social Responsibility

Training the next generation of sailors

Training the next generation of sailors

With success comes an obligation to give something back to the industry and the people who have helped you progress. Dr Mehrotra has inspired our group to do just this by taking a very personal initiative to create opportunities for the underprivileged to have a chance at a career at sea.

By establishing the Amer Maritime Training Academy in 2001 he has ensured the creation of a perpetual legacy, one that will contribute to the economic development of his home and every individual who passes through the academy. Located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the academy is based in the family home of Dr Mehrotra’s parents.

From there the non-profit academy trains people in the skills they need to be able seafarers and crew, ready to work safely on merchant marine vessels and drilling rigs. Each year some 800 students benefit from the courses available, which focus on the practical skills and qualifications trainees need to secure a long career at sea. These sailors are drawn from some of the poorest communities and given the chance to learn new skills that can set them on their own path to personal success.

As new courses are added, the capabilities and capacity of the academy are growing, and the team that manages it is striving to bring what it offers to an even larger audience and widen the economic impact that training and education can have on its students.

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