Corporate Governance

We at Foresight Group International, believe that Corporate Governance lies at the very heart of the way businesses are run and the manner in which we are governed is vital to the Company’s value creation over a long-term perspective.
In line with our Chairman’s ‘Purpose & Directive’ that Foresight Group International shall celebrate its centenary in 2084, we are committed to achieve persistent growth which would remain relevant and beneficial to the society and to support the achievement of sustainable profitability, financial health and excellent reputation for the Company. We seek to achieve this through strong Corporate Governance policy, the core principles of which are:
• Separation and independence of offices of ownership/decision control (Chairman) and that of executive/decision manager (COO)
• Monitoring of the business conduct by the Board of Directors of Foresight Group International and their balanced participation in the governance and management of subsidiary companies as well
• Disclosure and transparency on conflict of interest of board of directors
• Independent audits and internal controls on financial reporting conducted at the level of Foresight Group International and its subsidiaries and preparation of consolidated audit reports for better understanding for the purposes of decision making
• Strict adherence to Related Party best practices and regulatory requirements
• Ethical conduct of the business in compliance with internal governance policies as well as legislative and regulatory requirements
• Protecting the interests of our commercial partners, employees, customers, shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders, which are based on honesty, transparency and trustworthiness.

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