Oil Shipping Industry

Tankers make up a significant proportion of Foresight Group’s managed fleet. Exactly, that’s why a significant proportion of our technical supervisors hold a wealth of experience and capability in oil shipping operations. The company recognizes that tanker crew requires a specialist skill-set. Precisely why, in our comprehensive crewing operations, we ensure that our tanker vessels are crewed with seafarers who have the relevant skills and splendid credentials and experience. Foresight Group is an integrated owner, operator and manager, able to provide complete shipping services in addition to the carriage of oil on its fleet of modern large tankers. The oil shipping industry is cyclical and highly volatile requiring flexible and proactive management of assets in terms of fleet composition.

The company surges exposure to the market through opportunistically entering the market and carrying vessels from its patrons and tonnage providers whilst maintaining a core fleet of high-quality owned or controlled tonnage.  Our forceful administration ensures safe and continuous vessel operation via regular condition assessments and planned and projected dry dock maintenance. Our experts also handle surveying, certification and vetting. Plus, we also maintain excellent relationships with oil majors. And ensure that all tankers in our managed fleet get only the highest standard of management and crew to ensure safe, coentinuous and, uninterrupted operation.

In spite of the general slackness conditions in the oil shipping industry all over the world during the current years, Foresight Group managed to keep its profitability above the regular average due to its intensive concern for reducing the operating expenses and its wise policy of replacing old ships at the appropriate times. Being one of the top oil tanker shipping companies, we optimize customer service by providing safe and efficient transport and ensuring high-level expertise in oil transport with effective ship management.


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