Pavers England – Retail Industry in India

Beyond designing, exceptional and graceful footwear and accessories, Pavers England – Retail industry in India strives to bring contentment through its unique way of creating products that are striking, comfortable and long-lasting. As of late, the business has procured the best assembling foundation, a broad conveyance and a far-reaching handle on cutting edge generation advancements. Thus, being a top retail company in India, we are able to extend the most robust and reliable professional gear in the form of Pavers.

The motto of bringing fineness in every creation, guides the organization in owning and managing the full length and breadth of business, from research and development to production, marketing and after-sales customer service. The top retail company is amongst one of the very few global brands that thrive within this hands-on operational culture. In order to reach the global audience, Pavers England was first launched in India, 2008 with the focus on dynamic retail company in India. It is a brand backed by two organizations with shared values and a strong desire to deliver excellent performance.

Partnering with UK’s leading footwear retailer Pavers England, Foresight Group started its operations as Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures (PFSV). This resulted in having an expansive array of products that appeal to an international, multi-generational and multi-cultural audience.  After, establishing a reputed and remarkable identity as a top retail industry company in India, the division is dignified for exponential growth, with the objective of functioning more than 100 stores and developing a vibrant online presence. We are a company that really believes in what we do, and cares the utmost about whom we work for. That’s why, like millions of people who choose Pavers England, we continue to move forward.


Pavers England Limited, No 2/1, Subbarayan Street,
Nungambakkam, Chennai- 600034, India.

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